An Unordinary Life: Interview with Hills Bloke

An Unordinary Life: Interview with Hills Bloke

If you want to know more about me, my background and my journey to Lady Liberty, listen to this great conversation I had with fellow WA liberty-lover, Ira (Hills Bloke)!

Nothing was off topic: from where I grew up, how I got into shooting, the new WA gun laws and what can be done about it, the collectivists approach, what is a Libertarian, what's wrong with our apathetic culture, US politics, how I got into politics, how I came up with Lady Liberty, America, should voting be compulsory, the next US election, who's really in charge, Papalia's Map, gun laws, why taking away personal responsibility leads to people who depend on the government, which leads to apathetic voting, No Man's Land Podcast, Australian politics, my political plans for the future, when did the left become the right, WA politics and the coming decade, shooters, associations and their collective effort and my hopes for the future!

Listen here!

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