Episode Five: Shooting The Breeze About Argentina’s New Libertarian President!

I'm joined by Australia's libertarian politician in the New South Wales Parliament and my former Senate running mate, the Hon. John Ruddick MLC, to talk about the new libertarian President of Argentina!

From Peronism to anarcho-capitalism, President Javier Milei has shown just how far the pendulum can swing if a principled libertarian and popular candidate with appealing messaging can succeed: but how did Argentina get here?

As one of Australia's leading libertarians, J.R. is known for his impressive knowledge of history along with his understanding of political philosophy.  We discussed Argentina's political history and what comes next, along with how J.R is using his time in the NSW Parliament to further liberty in Australia, including his Free Speech Amendment to the NSW Constitution.



John Ruddick - Member of the NSW Legislative Council representing the Libertarian Party

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