Episode Three: Guns, War & the USA!

For the third episode of Shooting The Breeze I am joined by two AMERICANS to discuss gun laws & the 2nd Amendment; the cultural and political differences between our two countries; along with their unique perspectives on the United States' involvement in War (it's not what you might expect!).

One of my guests, Boston-based TOAD of the Tower Gang Podcast, gives his pitch for why he should be the PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE for the third biggest political party in the USA, while New Hampshire-based BEN WEIR explains what being a gun-owning, liberty-minded, free-thinking individual looks like!



Toad - Host of Tower Gang Podcast and Presidential Nominee for the Libertarian Party 

Ben Weir - Founder of the Libertarian Party Emo Caucus and Host of Shut The Punk Up!

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