Episode Two: WA Gun Laws (Continued!)

In the second episode of Shooting The Breeze, I was joined by the ONLY politician standing up for law-abiding firearm owners in the Western Australian Parliament, and a seasoned shooter & veteran who heads up an important WA conservation group!

We discuss a new discussion paper released by the State Labor Party Government that will give them the power to ban an individual from owning a firearm based on their "views, opinions or attitudes"(!). We also discuss why it's important to support those who support the fight and cause, along with supporting each other: it will be a tough fight ahead in the current political climate in WA!

Legalise Cannabis DR BRIAN WALKER and RALPH FOLIE from Conservation Australia share their thoughts on the proposed laws from their unique perspectives, and how the treatment of our segment of society has made us feel absolutely gutted!


The Hon. Dr Brian Walker MLC - Member of the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Western Australia for the Legalise Cannabis Party

Ralph Folie - Seasoned shooter, returned serviceman and head of Conservation Australia

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