Shooting The Breeze About Life & Liberty in Argentina & Australia!

I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend and fellow advocate for liberty, Dr Melisa Albisetti, an Argentinian economist who now lives in my home state of South Australia!

Of course we spoke about the new Argentinian President and his plans to resurrect a country ruined by socialist/fascist ideas that has resulted in triple-digit inflation; an unsustainable welfare state; and the ruling class profiteering off of big government. We also spoke candidly (and passionately!) about life, liberty and politics in Argentina compared to Australia.

From the actress Eva Peron to the actor Javier Milei: both have inspired a nation and captured the attention of the world with their different philosophies. Argentina is a country to watch as the pendulum swings towards liberty and away from the State!



Dr Melisa Albisetti - Argentinian-Australian libertarian economist 

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