Shooting The Breeze About New Bad Australian Gun Laws!

Big episode of Shooting The Breeze about new gun laws introduced by the Western Australian State Labor Party Government, with the almost absolute majority Government giving the Police sweeping new powers to control and further limit the number of West Australians who want to own a firearm.

The President of Shooters Union Australia, Graham Park, and number one gun reviewer Ozzie Reviews joined me to discuss some of the more sinister aspects of the new laws, and how we are now at the point in Australia where shooters are openly vilified, over-policed and subjected to some of the most draconian laws on the books - for next to nil public safety benefit!

We discussed how the new laws cast into doubt freedom of political expression with someone's views, opinions or attitudes factored in to the fit & proper person test as part of the vetting process. This formed another discussion about the current gun confiscation program that just happens to coincide with their proposal to limit the number of firearms a person can own (just 5 for most, 10 for farmers).

We also spoke about mental health checks, and how this could affect everyday Australians who face tough times; veterans with PTSD; or women with post-natal depression.

We discussed how the apathy of shooters has led to this point in our history, and how we shouldn't shy away from talking openly about our sport and hunting traditions to educate others. We agreed that unity and good promotion of our community is needed in order to win the fight to keep our culture and sport.

Graham also provided insight in to the upcoming Queensland State Election and what party's and political candidates are on the side of shooters, including Katter's Australian Party.



Graham Park - President, Shooters Union Australia

Ozzie Reviews - Australia's Number One Gun Reviewer

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