Shooting The Breeze About The State of Aussie Politics!

I'm joined by some mates from the former Australian Liberty Network, Stuart Jeffery from Ch 6 News and fellow West Aussie Bruce (@Centristozzy on X)  to talk about the absolute state of Australian politics!

Things are looking grim Down Under if you value liberty, individual freedom or small government: the Western Australian Labor Party Government continues to trample on property rights and civil liberties; while the Queensland Labor Party Government is tackling youth crime by banning the sale of knives to kids (because that will really work!).

We also discussed the federal government's addiction to cigarette taxes, with Australians forced to turn to the Medical Industrial Complex to access vapes via a prescription-only model. This comes as the debate around cannabis for recreational use once again demonstrate how politics (and politicians) are getting in the way of individual choices.

We also discussed the Australian libertarian political movement, including our own personal involvement and experiences, our views on Argentina's Javier Milei, and gun laws (of course!).

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Stuart Jeffery - 6 News Reporter and former Australian Liberty Network contributor

Bruce 'Centristozzy' - West Aussie anarchist and former Australian Liberty Network contributor

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