Episode One: WA Gun Laws

In the very first episode of Shooting The Breeze I was joined by three top blokes from Australia's shooting and hunting community to discuss Western Australia's new gun laws!

With the State Labor Government pressing ahead with radical plans to severely reduce the number of civilian firearms in WA, including through gun confiscations, limits on guns and more restrictions on ownership & use, there was much to talk about!

The legendary OZZIE REVIEWS; Hunting Connection Podcast host ZACH; and Queensland hunter JOCK McQUEEN shared their own unique perspectives on the proposed laws, along with their experiences and feelings on what it's like to be a shooter and hunter in Australia.

We also discussed what we can do to protect our culture from overreaching governments and why shooters need to unite and stand up against the bullies in power!


Ozzie Reviews - legendary Australian gun reviewer and political commentator
Zach - South Aussie hunter and host of Hunting Connection Podcast
Jock McQueen - Queensland hunter and maker of quality reels/rants!
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