Shooting The Breeze With Mike ter Maat: Libertarian Presidential Candidate!

An exceptional guest for this episode with Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party, Mike ter Maat, shooting the breeze with me about the dire state of politics and freedom in both our countries

Mike is an Austrian-School Libertarian Economist & Pro-Reform Police Officer. He is running on a platform of a Gold New Deal, Ending the Fed, Police & Criminal Justice Reform, and Peace & Prosperity, to name a few.

We covered a lot: from ending the war on drugs to economic freedom through ending the Fed; to the erosion of liberties (despite the Bill of Rights) and what it was like being a serving officer in Florida during those dark years.

He outlined what he would do if he was elected as the next President for the United States of America, including changing the direction of foreign policy, along with monetary policy.

Hats off to Mike and his team, I have hope for the USA with people like Mike using his wisdom and experience as an economist and former public servant to educate us all about how liberty is the answer!



Mike ter Maat - Presidential Candidate Nominee for the Libertarian Party (USA)

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