Shooting The Breeze With Rick Munn: Locked & Loaded!

A very special guest for this episode of Shooting The Breeze with my citizen journalist colleague, mentor and friend joining me for a deep discussion about the State of the World and important on-going fight for liberty!

Rick Munn, host of live current affairs chat show Locked & Loaded on TNT Radio, first interviewed me on his show on 15 February, 2022 during my WA Senate campaign (listen to my appearances on Rick's show here!). 

In this interesting discussion on my show, Rick shared his informative firsthand insights into the goings on in the world.

From Northern Ireland, Rick and I spoke about the current political and social conditions affecting his home in the U.K and mine in Australia, along with his perspectives on governments and the power shift and control grabs during the last few years, with a battle between good and evil now raging.

We also despaired at the traditional left movement, particularly in the music scene, who used to be proudly anti-authoritarian, anti-war, and marching for rights to free speech, today siding with the very movement and beliefs they used to object!

This is one of my favourite episodes as it shows the incredibly inspiring individuals doing their bit for liberty elsewhere in the world!



Rick Munn - Host of Locked & Loaded on TNT Radio

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